Rates + Airfare + Hotel

Rates + Airfare + Hotel


Includes: meetings, all conference-related activities, all meals, three hotel nights. All attendees must agree to the terms and conditions.

Alumni + Guests: $1995 per person

First Timers + Guests: $2150 per person


Flights will be arranged through Applied Brilliance as part of an official people-to-people cultural license.   You must indicate when you register your departure city so that we can reserve your seat on the flight. After the flight schedules are confirmed by the airlines, we will contact you for processing the visa paperwork and payment.

Note: There is a $25 (American) exit fee when you leave the States plus any baggage fees.

Current Flight Pricing

New York JFK flights, including transfers: – $1035

Florida flights including transfers – $575


The official Applied Brilliance hotel is Memories, Miramar, Havana. Your three-night stay at the hotel is included in the registration fee.